Character Styles: Introduction

Publisher: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc.

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A Buried Treasure
My copy of Character Styles is dogeared and contains scribbled notes that are a record of the development of my own understanding and thinking about personality over the last ten years. I owe that development and understanding and where it’s taken my thought today much more than I’ve realized to Dr. Johnson’s insightful, compassionate, well-referenced work.

This book is a treasure
I will never part with this book. It’s an eye-opener like no other book on human nature that I know of. I wish I read this book when I was younger; it would make my life a whole lot better. I also would’ve been a better parent. This book should be mandatory reading for every couple that’s expecting a child — but also the adult children with charcterological problems.

This non-psychologist couldn’t put it down!
Once I started a chapter, I *had* to read it through no matter the hour…This is one of the three most important and rewarding books in my forty years of reading.

Paradigm Shift
This book was the only text used in my graduate Psychopathology class. Five years later I have gone back again and again for use in my practice…those who stick with it are likely to learn something about themselves, learn valuable lessons about parenting, and understand their relationships better. I agree with a previous reviewer’s comment that it is a treasure.

A hidden treasure
Written with understanding and compassion, this is a wonderful book for layman and professional alike.

Excellent book for understanding what is behind the behavior
This book has been extremely helpful to me in understanding the inner feelings of different character types…I have recommended it to several colleagues as well. I wish it had been required in grad school. Very well done by a man who seems quite kind and understanding of deeper layers of the self.

A Masterpiece
This is a Masterpiece integrating a century of psychology. Special attention is given to the etiology of every character formation. “Know thyself” has suddenly become more accessible.

This book is a treasure
This book should be mandatory reading for all therapists. It is the most comprehensive work in modern times on the nature and range of personality styles.

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The Symbiotic Character: Introduction

Publisher: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc.

Humanizing the Narcissistic Style

Publisher: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc.

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Yes, you NEED this book!
Johnson’s book examines this phenomenon, and (unlike most other books like this) actually offers a solution that works! In any event, it’s definitely going to cost you less than the many hours of therapy that still haven’t taught you what this book has to offer. And…hey…I’m a therapist writing this!HIGHLY recommended!

The Best Book I Have Read On Narcissism
I am a sufferer of pathological narcissism myself, and this book is hands down the best I have come across to date. The main reason? Dr. Johnson’s extensive knowledge of his subject is EMPATHICALLY INFORMED. This adds a entire dimension to his work that is missing in the writings of many so-called experts. It engenders something in a sufferer that is often overlooked by those who consider themselves on the cutting edge of research into pathological narcissism: HOPE. There are no words to describe the value of realistic hope to a narcissistic individual who is working toward characterological transformation. This is a work of quiet competence, a labor of love, and a very fair treatment of a highly polarized subject, based on actual experience with narcissistic clients. Literally, a lifesaver for me.

Get It
I have worked with clients just out of the State Hospital, recovering from mental illness. This book was invaluable in giving me a compassionate view of how Narcissism develops, what it means to the person who has it and those around them, and how to help. I was afraid it would be dry and clinical but it was very readable and actually hard to put down. I recommend it for all students of the psyche and those who try to help others. As John Briere says, “We’re all bozos on the same bus” and this book is written with a humility and understanding that appeals.

Very informative, for therapists but readable for layman
I am a narcissistic style myself without psychological training. I benefited tremendously from this book. It contains tonns of good stuff, certain portions have been quite illuminating discoveries for me.

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Characterological Transformation: The Hard Work Miracle

Publisher: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc.

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“[H]ighly recommended as a uniquely sensitive and intelligent interpretation of the personal dynamics of character structure and the correlating contributions of ego psychology to these dynamics.”
– Robert M. Hilton, Ph.D., Co-director, Southern California Bioenergetics Society

A unique integration of psychotherapy approaches
As a graduate student in social work, I found this book enormously helpful in understanding how to integrate various psychotherapy approaches in professional practice. I checked this book out of the library so many times, I finally bought the book. His methods of how to facilitate personality growth in clients helped me understand myself in new and helpful ways. I feel I have grown tremendously from reading and digesting this book. Psychotherapy of the kind he writes about is truly a “hard work miracle”!

One of the Single Most Helpful Books on Therapy I have Encountered
Apart from Alexander Lowen, Stephen Johnson is the only author whose books I have read more than twice. Johnson combines the character analysis of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen (without distortion or dilution) with more mainstream therapies. This does a great service to therapists practicing in today’s climate. Johnson is willing to go into the tough stuff and the dark stuff, which few other therapists are willing to touch. His honesty, compassion, and humility are evident.

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